Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Solo, Piano -- N.Y.C.

I’m not inclined to repost anybody else’s work, but after watching this devastating little film on the New York Times website this evening I’m making an exception.  Take a look—and be patient.  The ending will surprise (and maybe rattle) you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tumblr Devs: Are They 30 Years Young Yet?

When you finish signing up for a Tumblr account, the site asks how old you are:

If you enter a number below 30, Tumblr responds this way:

If you enter a number of 30 or above, Tumblr suddenly morphs into Willard Scott on The Today Show:

Apparently turning 30—excuse me, becoming 30 years young—is a cause for profound self-reflection in our lives … or at least the next best thing: home video blogging:

Note that this video, one of 132 posted by the breathtakingly self-pleased and blindingly teeth-whitened katilette (“You're only as old as you feel!”, her description of this video declares), has, as of today, garnered 75,880 views and 2,971 likes.  Looks as if, as far as life’s milestones, katilette’s YouTube subscribers, and Tumblr’s developers are concerned, 30 is the new 70.

Postscript (5/21/13): When I first posted this item back in December 2012 I knew nothing about the people behind Tumblr, including its founder, David Karp—now in the news because Yahoo has agreed to buy his site for $1 billion.  But based on the ultra-cute signup I described above I can't say I'm surprised to learn that Karp is 26 years old.