Friday, January 6, 2012

Homage to YouTube's Dan & Dan

As with most interesting stuff on the web, I just stumbled on Dan & Dan's hilarious YouTube videos by following a link posted in a comment about a completely unfunny blog article.

I urge you to check out all of Dan & Dan's work, but the video that inspired me to do my first YouTube video response is this one:

And to understand just how technically difficult it is to pull off this kind of amusing confection, check out my video response:

You needn't bother commenting about what's wrong with my video ... it's painfully obvious.  My Canon SD800 IS Digital Elph exhibits a common problem point-and-shoot cameras have maintaining color and contrast consistency from one shot to the next.  When I edited the movie in my two- or three-year-old copy of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate HD ver. 14 I fooled around with the color and contrast correction plug-ins, but they're not exactly as simple to use as Picasa's red-eye reduction feature.

Still, not bad for a first effort using the cheap, readily available technology lying around my house.

One last thing: Dan & Dan moderate their video responses, so as of this writing my video isn't yet accessible from the "iPad Head" YouTube page.  Will my response be approved?  Stay tuned.

1/10/2012 update: Dan & Dan graciously allowed my video response to appear on their video's YouTube page.  Thanks, D&D!

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